Making homes beautiful has been in our blood for more than a century.

The Hyde Park Lumber & Design Center – founded in 1902 by the former governor of Ohio, Myers Y. Cooper – has been a pivotal part of Cincinnati history. We supplied rowboats during the flood of 1937 and built ammo boxes for World War II. But we’re best known for what we continue to do today – supplying top quality interior millwork, doors, cabinets and designer hardware for thousands of newly built and remodeled homes in Greater Cincinnati.

A look back at Hyde Park Lumber

The ownership and operation of our company proudly remains in our founder’s family today, with Mike Judy – Myers Cooper’s great-grandson – at the helm.

“My great-grandfather set a standard of excellence way back in 1902 that I am determined to protect and maintain here at The Hyde Park Lumber & Design Center. I invite you stop by and see for yourself how our commitment to excellence and the grand tradition of our past can take a hand in your future.”

-Mike Judy, President

1941-1944: Shipping crates for Wright Aeronautical (GE) Cyclone-14 Airplane engines for B-17. Hauled 10 boxes per load to Wrights to have the engine installed and shipped overseas. Shipped 60 boxes per day.



Construction In Focus: A Family Business With An Extensive History

An article featured in Construction in Focus about the history of Hyde Park Lumber written by Jen Hocken.

Business Hall of Fame

Watch a brief history about our induction into the Business Hall of Fame.


Ohio’s First Lady Visits Ohioana

We are proud of our history at Hyde Park Lumber founded in 1902 by Myers Y Cooper, the former Governor of Ohio.  Recently, new First Lady Fran DeWine, came to visit Ohioana.  She was particularly keen to learn how Martha Kinnecy Cooper (the former Governor’s wife) came to start the library in 1929. She stayed for more than an hour, took a tour of the collection, and then sat down with the staff so that we could share the history of Ohioana.


Teamwork & the trades

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